How to Use a Test Account

The video below shows you how to use a test account.

To use a test account, all you have to do is select USA as your country (+1 country code). Then enter 9996610000 in the phone box and click on continue button.

If you are using a test account for the first time, you must restart the app once to include the settings related to the test datacenters on the app. After clicking on the restart button in the alert message, the app will be closed and to open it again, you must click on its icon. After opening the app, wait for the test account to be activated.

In this section, you can click on the back button to avoid set a password for your test account, or set a password for your test account by click on set password button.

Congratulations, your test account has been activated. Now you can easily test/review the different parts of the app.

Note that when you use test account, you are connected to test datacenters and you are not able to send or receive messages to/from people who are connected to the main datacenters of the app using a real phone number.
Test account is only for test/review different parts of the app and has no other use.

This page is only designed for individuals or legal entities that need to review various parts of the app so strictly avoid sharing it with others.